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周汶錡(Kathy)等出席時裝品牌Roger Vivier 2018春夏展

鄭秀文(Sammi)昨晚與周汶錡(Kathy)等出席時裝品牌Roger Vivier 2018春夏展,近日忙於拍攝許鞍華監製新戲《花椒之味》的Sammi,公開答謝客串演出的劉德華,直言要送份禮物給華仔。Sammi說︰「知佢鍾意食花生醬,但佢食素,我仲未搵到素食花生醬。」對於華仔和古天樂將在金像獎爭影帝,Sammi直言︰「好難揀,如果我係評判會各投一票。」

Love on the brand Roger Vivier pretty mother week Wenqi Sao legs

Did Mommy Zhou Wenqi (Kathy) in addition to attend the fashion event, before also attended the milk brand activities, still will be revealed one family to go skiing in France for two weeks, good warm ah.

Kathy Shiatzy Chen2017 the same day in the autumn and winter series white Lace dress appeared, her hair tied up her looks elegant, Lace design partly hidden and partly visible mosaic, low-key Sao model figure, plus bow embellishment, pure and sexy styling; foot Roger Vivier gold color chunky high heel shoes, the legs look longer, very suction eye.