Love on the brand Roger Vivier pretty mother week Wenqi Sao legs

Did Mommy Zhou Wenqi (Kathy) in addition to attend the fashion event, before also attended the milk brand activities, still will be revealed one family to go skiing in France for two weeks, good warm ah.

Kathy Shiatzy Chen2017 the same day in the autumn and winter series white Lace dress appeared, her hair tied up her looks elegant, Lace design partly hidden and partly visible mosaic, low-key Sao model figure, plus bow embellishment, pure and sexy styling; foot Roger Vivier gold color chunky high heel shoes, the legs look longer, very suction eye.

Roger Vivier spring summer new product Sun Yi “slovenly" fashion

Roger Vivier published a new series of new spring and summer, please go to the socialite actress Sun Yi breaks through the traditional design model. Sun Yi, who loves to wear slippers, exaggerated the classic elegance of Roger Vivier, and this season’s popular casual sandals and Muller slippers also made her happy to call it “15 years ahead of my fashion vision". "

The usual dress up neutral style of the Sun Yi self cannot wear too high heels, “comfort is the most important key I pick shoes, usually love to wear slippers or flat shoes. Roger Vivier’s shoes are decorated with a water drill, so that even if they are wearing a slipper, they don’t seem to be slovenly. “She also said, before living in Losangeles when wearing a very casual, return to Taiwan can not change the habit, also commonly used body suits, pants slippers style in the party," when friends often laugh, but now you can see the trend is to go to the whims of style, I look at 15 years ahead! "

Roger Vivier has made many new breakthroughs in the spring and summer, which skillfully combines classic and modern style. Inspired by the crown of Elizabeth Taylor (Liz Taylor) princess, the new square button Vertigo Diadem with the top technology laid on the high and low staggered drill is created, and the arc retro Vertigo buckles are sewn with gold edged leather, which is graceful and charming. For the first time, the Trekky Viv ‘casual sandals launched with Rhine stone drilling buckle for the first time, let Sun Yi love to the seaside. Bab ‘Viv’ on the type of casual shoes is the creative director of Bruno Frisoni’s trip to Morocco to extend, while the new La ‘Bel Viv shoes on Mr. Roger Vivier from the classic sign of Paris founded the first boutique when printed in the shopping bag and box, put on shoes with the side of the shoe, show the romantic atmosphere with soft leather, by Sun Yifeng as “the princess’s sports shoes. "

Bag, whether it is the classic Viv ‘Cabas or Viv’, is the new Madame with simple and elegant square appearance and sufficient capacity collocation Vertigo buckle or rhinestones, all-match luxury style show. Viv ‘Tote tote bag with RV Logo brand logo embellishment, collocation and floral embroidery imitation of men’s shirts on the details of the colorful summer activity echo.

孫怡拎Vertigo Diadem緞面鍊帶手提肩背包84,200元,穿Verti...
Sun Yi carries a Vertigo Diadem Satin zipper with a hand-held backpack of 84200 yuan and 66900 yuan for Vertigo Diadem high heels. Model Chen Yuan wears Vertigo leather square buckle heels 27900 yuan, carrying a zipper with small square bag Madame Viv ‘bag, 97600 yuan. Figure / provide Edison

Roger Vivier Trekky Viv 花卉刺繡休閒涼鞋,42,600元...
Roger Vivier Trekky Viv flowers embroidered casual sandals, 42600 yuan. Figure / provide Edison

孫怡穿Roger Vivier Trekky Viv’休閒涼鞋34,600元,拎...
Sun Yi wears Roger Vivier Trekky Viv ‘casual sandals 34600 yuan, Roger Vivier Viv Cabas hand-held shoulder backpack 146000 yuan. Figure / provide Edison

Roger Vivier Vertigo皮革方釦跟鞋,27,900元。圖/迪生提...
Roger Vivier Vertigo leather square buckle shoes, 27900 yuan. Figure / provide Edison

Roger Vivier Viv Cabas 手提肩背包,12萬8,000元。...
Roger Vivier Viv Cabas hand-held shoulder backpack, 128 thousand yuan. Figure / provide Edison

Roger Vivier LaBel Viv 休閒鞋,28,900元。圖/迪生提...
Roger Vivier LaBel Viv casual shoes, 28900 yuan. Figure / provide E

英現「化學霧霾」 233人送院

英現「化學霧霾」 233人送院 |  |


呼吸困難 雙眼刺痛



在星期三的一系列推特上,共同撰寫了1987本幫助界定房地產巨頭公眾形象的書的Tony Schwartz說,他認為這些牆正在逼近特朗普,他很快就會離開辦公室,試圖挽回面子。
施瓦茲星期三發來的每一條微博都是關於特朗普的。認為特朗普作為一個小孩,W /反應性依戀障礙,囙此在一個永久性的致命的脾氣。他在7歲時就結束了學業。他後來說,“記住,每次特朗普責備和貶低他預計他深感和自我憎恨別人身上。”

Romanian Fed Cup captain under fire for questionable Serena Williams comments

The International Tennis Federation is considering disciplinary action against Romania’s Fed Cup captain after he reportedly made a racist comment about Serena Williams during a Friday news conference.

Ilie Nastase, a former men’s world No. 1, reportedly said the following about Williams, who is pregnant with her first child: “Let’s see what color it has. Chocolate with milk?”

In December, Williams announced her engagement to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who is white.

“The ITF does not tolerate discriminatory and offensive language and behavior of any kind,” the ITF said in a statement. “We are aware of alleged comments made by Romanian captain Ilie Nastase and have begun an immediate investigation so that we have the full facts of the situation before taking further and appropriate action.”

On Saturday, Nastase was ejected from the court and banned from the Fed Cup tie between Romania and Great Britain after he made a series of foul-mouthed remarks toward the British.

British No. 1 Johanna Konta was leading Romania’s Sorana Cirstea 6-2, 1-2, when Nastase got into a confrontation with the chair umpire about the crowd noise.

“What’s your [expletive] problem?,” Nastase reportedly told the umpire. He also reportedly referred to Konta and Great Britain’s captain Anne Keothavong “[expletive] bitches.” He was then escorted out of the stadium.

The ITF and ITF President David Haggerty released statements on the incident, noting that “a formal investigation is already underway.”

Nastase also sparked controversy in March when he accused Williams of doping in a Romanian publication.

“Russia’s image when it comes to sport suffered a lot because of doping, but it’s pretty clear in Serena’s case as well. Don’t you see how she looks like?” Nastase said, according to Digisport.ro. “No one controls the Americans when it comes to doping.”

Cuba Gooding Sr., ‘Everybody Plays the Fool’ Singer & Dad to Oscar-Winning Actor, Dies at 72: Report

Cuba Gooding, Sr., lead singer for the 1970s soul group The Main Ingredient and father to Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr., has reportedly died. He was 72.

According to TMZ, Gooding was found dead in his car on Thursday (April 20) in Woodland Hills, California.

Gooding joined The Main Ingredient in 1971 when the former lead singer Donald McPherson died unexpectedly of leukemia. He had served as a backing vocalist on some of their recordings previously. While he was with the RCA-signed band, the act scored five top 10 hits on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, including their highest-charting effort: 1972’s “Everybody Plays the Fool," which peaked at No. 2 for three weeks. The track also was their biggest hit on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100, climbing to No. 3. The Gooding-led act also notched top 10s on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart with “Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely," “Happiness Is Just Around the Bend" and “Rolling Down a Mountainside."

In 1977, Gooding left the band to pursue a solo career on Motown in 1977, releasing two albums. In 1979, he reunited with his Main Ingredient bandmates they continued to work together through the 1980s. Gooding resumed his solo career in 1993 and did not participate in a 1999 reunion of his old band. Gooding also had a minor acting career.

Gooding himself as a solo artist notched two R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart hits of his own: 1978’s “Mind Pleaser" and 1983’s “Happiness Is Just Around the Bend," which reached Nos. 91 and 43 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, respectively. More than two decades later, Gooding returned to Billboard’s charts with the top 10-charting Adult Contemporary airplay chart hit “This Christmas" (Richard Kincaid featuring Cuba Gooding Sr.). It climbed to No. 9 in December of 2012.

The singer had four children with his wife Shirley Gooding: actors Cuba Gooding Jr., Omar Gooding, April Gooding and musician Tommy Gooding.

Warplanes strike Syrian town hit by chemical attack

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A protester reacts during a rally against the U.S. missile strikes in Syria, Friday, April 7, 2017, in New York. Hundreds of demonstrators took to New York City streets chanting “Hands off Syria!" and “Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation!" The U.S. fired a barrage of cruise missiles into Syria on Thursday night in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack against civilians earlier in the week. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki)

BEIRUT (AP) — Warplanes on Saturday struck the Syrian town where a chemical attack had killed scores of people earlier this week, as Turkey warned that a retaliatory U.S. missile strike on a Syrian air base would only be “cosmetic" if greater efforts are not made to remove President Bashar Assad from power.

The airstrikes on the opposition-held northern town of Khan Sheikhoun, where 87 people were killed in the chemical attack earlier this week, killed a woman and wounded her son, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Local Coordination Committees, an activist collective.

Elsewhere in Syria, U.S.-led airstrikes killed at least 21 people, including a woman and her six children who were fleeing on a boat across the Euphrates River near the Islamic State group’s self-styled capital, Raqqa, the target of a major offensive by U.S.-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian forces, activists said.

An airstrike on a rebel-held town in the northern Idlib province killed at least 18 people, including women and children, according to the Observatory and Ariha Today, an activist group. It was not immediately clear who carried out the strike.

Near the central city of Homs, a bomb exploded aboard a bus carrying workers, killing a woman and wounding more than 20, according to state TV and the Observatory.

The chemical attack prompted the U.S. to launch nearly 60 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian air base early Friday, which killed nine people and marked the first time Washington has directly targeted Syrian government forces since the war began in 2011.

The move was welcomed by the Syrian opposition and its main backers, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, but harshly condemned by Russia and Iran, who back Assad and said striking his forces would complicate the struggle against extremist groups.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said the U.S. strike should be the start of a renewed effort to end the civil war, which has killed an estimated 400,000 people and displaced half of Syria’s population.

“If this intervention is limited only to an air base, if it does not continue and if we don’t remove the regime from heading Syria, then this would remain a cosmetic intervention," he said.

He said the best outcome would be a peace agreement that leads to a transitional government accepted by all Syrians, followed by elections in which all Syrians, including those living abroad, could vote for new leadership. For that to happen, he said, “this oppressive Assad needs to go."

Iran, which has provided crucial military and political support to Assad, meanwhile called for a fact-finding mission to determine what caused the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun. State television quoted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as saying the committee should be impartial and “must not be headed by Americans."

Rouhani said “neutral countries should come and assess to make it clear where the chemical weapons came from."

Syria’s government has denied carrying out any chemical attack, and Russia’s Defense Ministry said the toxic agents were released when a Syrian airstrike hit a rebel chemical weapons arsenal and munitions factory.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson canceled a planned trip to Russia because of fast-moving events in Syria. Johnson said the situation in Syria has changed “fundamentally" following the chemical attack and the U.S. response.

Johnson condemned Russia’s continued defense of Assad “even after the chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians."

He had planned to travel to Russia Monday on a trip intended to start a fresh dialogue with Moscow.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meanwhile plans to meet with G-7 foreign ministers in Europe next week before going on to Moscow. Johnson said Tillerson will be able to give a “clear and coordinated message to the Russians."

In Damascus, dozens of Syrian students gathered outside the offices of the United Nations to protest the U.S. missile attack, chanting “Death to America" and “Death to Israel."

University student Ashraf Fadel said he came to denounce “the unjust American aggression against Syria." He added that the United Nations was “created to support America instead of serving the wronged people."

In a separate development, activists opposed to the Islamic State group said a U.S.-led coalition airstrike hit a boat carrying civilians fleeing across the Euphrates River. The groups Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently and Sound and Picture said the attack killed a woman and her six children. The attack occurred in the Shuaib al-Zeker area, near where U.S.-backed Syrian fighters have been battling IS under the cover of coalition airstrikes.

Activists and state media said a separate airstrike by the U.S.-led coalition on the northern IS-held village of Hneida killed at least 14 civilians, including children. The Observatory said 15 people, including four children, were killed in the airstrike. The Sound and Picture group said the airstrike hit an internet cafe, killing 14 people.

In Saudi Arabia, the official Saudi Press Agency reported that U.S. President Donald Trump has spoken by telephone with King Salman about the U.S. missile strike on Syria.

The news agency reported that during the Friday phone call, the Saudi monarch congratulated Trump for his “courageous decision."

Saudi Arabia said the missile launch was the right response to “the crimes of this regime to its people in light of the failure of the international community to stop it."

The kingdom is among the most vehement opponents of Assad and supports Sunni rebel groups fighting to oust him. The Sunni rulers of Saudi Arabia are in a power struggle for regional dominance with Iran’s Shiite government.


Associated Press writers Aya Batrawy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Zeynep Bilginsoy in Istanbul and Albert Aji in Damascus, Syria contributed to this report.

Sophie Simmons Calls Katey Sagal ‘Low’ for Revealing Dad Gene’s Affair

Sophie Simmons (right) will not be reading Katey Sagal's new book (Photo: Getty Images)

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Sophie Simmons (right) will not be reading Katey Sagal’s new book. (Photo: Getty Images)

Sophie Simmons probably will not be racing out to pick up a copy of Katey Sagal’s new memoir, Grace Notes.

In the revealing book, the Married With Children star, 63, details an affair she had with Gene Simmons 43 years ago. Sophie Simmons, the 24-year-old daughter of the Kiss rocker, thinks the account is unnecessary.

“I feel like it’s no one’s business, really,” she said on the Allegedly With Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss podcast on Tuesday. “I mean, if Katey wants to write a book about her life, cool — but to write about someone and then have it affect their family I feel like is a really kind of low place to go to try and sell a book.”

Simmons added, “And she should probably look at her own family — I’m just saying — before pointing fingers …  because other people could write books too.”


Sagal — who has been married to screenwriter Kurt Sutter since 2004 — met Gene Simmons, 67, in a bar in Santa Monica, Calif., where she was singing as a waitress in the ’70s.

Gene Simmons and Katey Sagal reunited in 2003 at a Musician's Assistance Program Fundraiser. (Photo: SGranitz/WireImage)

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Gene Simmons and Katey Sagal reunited in 2003 at a Musician’s Assistance Program fundraiser. (Photo: SGranitz/WireImage)

“At first, I thought Gene was really weird,” the Sons of Anarchy alum writes. “I took him home with me that night because he was quite persuasive, and I like men.”

Simmons ended up signing Sagal and her band to his label, but they were dropped after one album. The affair was on and off for several years, but ended when she told Simmons she was going to marry bassist Freddie Beckmeier unless he married her instead. Simmons reportedly laughed at the idea, so Sagal did tie the knot with Beckmeier in 1977. They divorced three years later.

Sophie Simmons, who is a musician as well, said her family will brush off the story. “It really doesn’t affect us — we’re so tight as a family,” she explained. “My parents are so crazy in love. I mean, congrats to the one groupie who thought they got ahead, but apparently didn’t. … You’re a really talented actress, so it worked out.”

Gene Simmons wed his longtime love, Shannon Tweed, in 2011 after three decades together. They have two children: Sophie and Nick, 28. Sagal, meanwhile, is on her fourth marriage. She and Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter share a 10-year-old daughter, Esme, born via surrogate. Sagal is also mom to a daughter, Sarah, 22, and a son, Jackson, 21, from her third marriage, to Jack White.