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Roger Vivier spring and summer 2020 new product was released on the 15th

Roger Vivier spring and summer 2020 new product was released on the 15th, and invited Hou Peicen, a female star across many fields, to perform. Now she seldom goes out for shopping. When she comes out to work, she can’t help seizing the opportunity to find out what she wants to buy. She laughs and says, “I don’t think there’s anything missing at home. When I go out, I want to buy a lot.

Now she has to be quick and precise when she goes shopping, because she is afraid of not enough time. “So she wants to buy classic ones, and now she wants to wear them comfortably. Like the 6.5cm high shoes on her feet this time, Mr. Vivier said that this is the most comfortable height to show women’s lines and walk on the road. “Her husband doesn’t care what she wears when she goes out. Instead, her son has a lot of opinions. When she shows her legs, she will ask," where are you going today? Cover your legs. “I also read that other sons think their mother is the most beautiful, but the 5-year-old son praised other women in front of her." yesterday, I saw an air steward on the plane, and my son asked me if there was any gem for him to send, so I had to shed tears from here..

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Roger Vivier continues the theme of “Hotel Vivier" in spring and summer 2020, taking inspiration from dramas, musicals and song and dance performances, and uncovering the splendid scenes behind the gorgeous performances. Call me Vivier hand embroidered the brand on the shoe bag, with detachable “RV" leather tassel on the upper.

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Viv’run leisure shoes have a 7.5cm high arc sole, which realizes the seemingly impossible integration between high order fashion and leisure style. In spring and summer 2020, men’s shoes will be launched for the first time. The new design also includes sandals, which can be worn alone or with socks, especially the light rose color launched in Taiwan, which will be sold exclusively in Roger Vivier Taiwan boutique.